Very M.A.N.D.Y! (at Velvet Underground)

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

I got a good feeling about tonight at KOI :)

Getting ready for KOI SUPPERCLUB tonight. Hope my MacBookAir will survive the music load! 👌

This Friday is coming! Come to 89 Club Str and cheer with friends ;) (at KOI Sushi + Izakaya)

@misskitten #parallelvelvet (at Zouk Singapore)

After dinner, @reefonline asked me when will I’ll finally be playing… so I decided to do some practicing till 2am. Need to add techno-diversity to this city’s sound!

Did not go to @kitsune #parallelvelvet yesterday and I thought I never heard of who that is before, when suddenly

Oh god, these lasers at @clubkyo ! #Beauty (at Kyo Night Club)

What is this?! I don’t understand! Translation please!